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3 Hiring Strategies That Will Put You Ahead of Your Competition

Posted on Tue, Sep 11, 2018 @ 08:00 AM

It's simple: the employee lifecycle begins with recruiting and hiring talent. But as more organizations make the connection between hiring the right people and achieving success, HR leaders see recruitment and hiring as a crucial competitive edge. Facing a more competitive business landscape, with talent spread across multiple generations, the challenge to recruit and hire the best team for the job has never been higher. 

Never before has the workforce had such a complex, diverse demographic makeup. As people live and work longer, more generations are working side by side. With everyone from recent college graduates to those long past the traditional retirement age of 65 working, companies are being challenged to build and maintain a productive, effective workforce. 

In today's labor market, employers must think about recruiting in new ways and work to leverage technology that improves their recruitment and hiring processes. Some organizations are ahead of the curve and already investing in creative strategies to offset these challenges. These include:

Become an employer of choice.
Impressions matter. A candidate’s perception of you could be formed long before they consider working for your organization. Look for ways to create a work environment that builds your brand as an employer of choice -- then share evidence of this across your social media and marketing efforts.

Make your hiring process more efficient
Recruiters are busier than ever — receiving an average of 250 resumes for each corporate job opening. Improving the efficiency of your hiring process eases the demand on managers and ensures that good candidates don’t get lost in the process.

Find that perfect match
Hiring is expensive, so you want to be sure you’re making decisions that reduce turnover and support organizational goals. Technology is available that can help you find and hire candidates that are the right fit for your organization. Leveraging technology to automate, streamline, and improve your recruiting and hiring efforts will help you meet the challenges of a multi-generational workforce.  

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