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4 Ways to Improve Workplace Culture With HCM

Posted on Wed, Oct 18, 2017 @ 08:00 AM

Employees’ daily experience of their workplace directly contributes to whether they
are engaged and willing to put in that voluntary discretionary effort. If they feel they are
being valued and treated fairly in the workplace, they are more likely to give employers
that extra effort. This requires more than incentives or HR initiatives. Here are four ways to improve workplace culture using HCM technologies and processes.

Promoting leadership
Creating opportunities for leadership is one of the most important elementsof engagement. By unburdening managers from cumbersome manual tasks such as managing attendance and replacing those tasks with automated standardized processes, HCM technology can free managers to provide coaching, launch new initiatives, and conduct other activities befitting a true leader. The positive impact on morale and productivity flows bidirectionally between managers and employees — everybody wins.

ways to improve workplace culture

Putting employees in a position to win while ensuring fairness
Trying to guess the correct number of employees needed to cover a shift, or the best worker to fill an open one, is rife with complications. Technology-based forecasting and scheduling solutions can help do away with the guesswork, eliminate manual scheduling, and ensure optimal labor coverage for every shift, every day. Having the right person, at the right job, at the right time — this puts all employees in the best possible position to win and directly improves their engagement. It also ensures scheduling fairness based on business rules that help you balance the needs of both the business and your employees. This includes taking into account the employees’ preferred shifts, hours, and jobs/roles across the workforce in a consistent and fair manner. Employees can have a “say” in when they work based on their individual needs, while knowing that they are being treated fairly.

Providing a clear career path
For today’s motivated employees, having a clearly defined career path and being empowered to grow are key factors for engagement. Technology based programs like gamification, social media, and collaboration tools make growing and improving within the organization not just desirable, but “fun.” Gamification, which shows where you rank vs. others and where your team ranks vs. other teams, revitalizes the competitive spirit to help people improve and grow as they progress along their career paths. Collaboration and social tools bring people together to solve problems effectively through communication and the sharing of best practices. This allows problems to be solved faster and drives knowledge-sharing within the organization - important dynamics in nurturing a workforce that’s motivated and engaged.

Empowering employees to make a difference
Employees who have an emotional connection to the organization will want to know — how can I make a difference? How does my work impact the organization? What are the key operational metrics? HCM tools such as dashboards and other online information can provide a deeper understanding of how the business is performing relative to the employee’s specific department and function. When employees understand the performance of the organization and their specific contributions to it, they are more willing to apply discretionary effort. Technology makes this kind of communication consistent, predictable, and effective.
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