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Mobile Apps Break Down The Barrier

Posted on Wed, Jun 26, 2019 @ 10:06 AM

As an employer, how do you engage a modern workforce? The best answer: a solution built for the times. A survey determined that 51% of employers stated the most common channel used to communicate to employees is mobile apps, a big increase from 13% two years ago. Employers know that there is value in a mobile app and employee engagement is one of the most critical elements in today's workforce. We are here to tell you that these two factors are related. Does your current HCM system offer mobile access? More importantly, what can a mobile app do to break down the barrier between employers and staff?

For example, the InspireHCM platform powered by TruPay has a mobile application that allows users to have many functions right in the palm of their hands, 24/7. Imagine being able to logon with just a fingerprint (if your mobile device has the functionality) to a home screen that shows your individualized dashboard. As an employee, you can perform tasks such as:

  • Enrolling in benefits WFRMobileHome
    • Managing life changes
  • Clock in or out
  • Request time off
  • View statements
    • Time card reports
    • Pay statements
  • Manage performance reviews
  • To/do's initiated by employer

Who wouldn't like to have that much information and control on a whim? Employee benefits are easily accessible and top talent can be retained when flexibility allows users to clock in/out at any time. There is complete transparency of information when an employee wants to view their record, they don't have to wait on HR staff to pull it. On the bright side, there's a way to engage all staff. 

With a mobile app, even executive employees gain from the use of a mobile app. WFCMobileHomeImagine having all of these options available with you, wherever you go! HR staff isn't bogged down with requests for payment history or benefits inquiries. It's as simple as approving a time off request from a phone! 

  • Initiate performance reviews
  • Send announcements
  • View staff reports 
    • Time and Attendance
  • Manage Staff Requests 
    • Time off
    • Scheduling 

An organization stands to reap many benefits from a mobile app in the sense that communication lines are open, information flows freely, and there is ease of access. This is can be key to breaking down the barrier within an organization. A mobile app like this reinforces TruPay's commitment to helping organization's operate more efficiently. Employee engagement will help to strengthen a workforce and an HCM platform with a mobile app is great place to start building that connection with your staff. To learn more, contact us at 

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