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The key to business success starts with hiring and retaining great people — because satisfied, engaged employees are more productive and invested in ensuring customer satisfaction. With employers looking for the talent of tomorrow in a global, multigenerational workforce, they must think about recruiting in new ways and work to leverage technology and sourcing strategies that improve recruitment and hiring. 

Organizations in today's business landscape must hire the candidates whom they believe can hit the ground running. Companies can't afford the time to train a possibly successful candidate. The most successful organizations look for employees who worked in similar positions at companies with similar cultures. This is the hiring strategy that will help you win. We've compiled an assortment of articles in this edition of our Recruiting Digest to help you recruit and hire top talent.


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How to Recruit and Hire the Top Talent of Tomorrow

Recruit and Hire

As more organizations make the connection between hiring the right people and achieving success, HR leaders are increasingly approaching recruitment and hiring as a crucial competitive differentiator. Facing a more competitive global business landscape, with available talent spread across multiple generations, the challenge to recruit and hire the best team for the job has never been higher. 

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The Basics of Writing Job Descriptions

Writing Job Descriptions

Your chances of successfully attracting and keeping a new employee will be much greater if you gave careful thought to the duties of the job and communicated these expectations to a prospective employee. Well-written job descriptions are an important aid to this communication. This article lays out the basic components of writing job descriptions.

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The 10 Keys to Reviewing Resumes

Reviewing Resumes

A surge of resumes often follow each job posting especially if posted electronically, and it can be challenging to sort through the good, the bad and the ugly.  Usually, unqualified or half-interested job applicants ignore important steps when writing their resumes.  As an employer, you need to effectively determine which resumes will lead you toward the top job candidates. WHen revieiwng resumes, keep in mind the helpful steps in this article.

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Recruit and Hire


Best Practices for Social Recruiting

Social Recruiting

Organizations of all sizes have used digital recruiting strategies and tools to seek and secure top talent for a while now. As technology continues to evolve, more and more employers have turned to this type of recruiting as an affordable strategy to find, attract, and select job applicants for their companies’ hiring needs. Nowadays, one of the more popular e-recruiting tools is social media.

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Employment Strategies That Can Help Improve Retention

Employment Strategies

These days, it is imperative to position your company as an employer of choice in the labor market. Employment branding strategy is essential to analyze because employers can understand what motivates individuals to work for and continue working for particular organizations. Some employers such as Google, Apple, and Amazon have created images that are universal icons which remain competitive in the labor market. Employers can analyze their own employment branding simply by taking a closer look at their current employment strategies.

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Can We Reject a Job Candidate Because of Their Accent?

Reject a Job Candidate

You interviewed a candidate who had the right type and length of experience, but spoke with a thick accent. Is it okay to reject a candidate because their accent made it difficult to understand them? There is risk in rejecting the candidate based on their accent, as this may be perceived as national-origin discrimination, which is illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

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