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You've probably heard it before - time is money. From timecard management and labor cost tracking to employee scheduling and absence management, effective time and labor management (TLM) helps you better manage your diverse workforce while controlling labor costs and lowering compliance risk.

Tracking employee time and attendance isn’t just good management – it’s critical to achieving organizational goals. As the cost of labor increases and your organization grows, your time and attendance processes have a greater impact on your workforce effectiveness. It can be the secret to your success -- or the reason for your failure. We've compiled a number of TLM resources to help you in this all-important aspect of workforce management.


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Want to Schedule Employees for Unusual Shifts? Hire the Right Person.

Schedule Employees for Unusual Shifts

When recruiting for unusual hourly schedules, such as graveyard or on-call shifts, it’s important to sell the position in the right way. Some people prefer unusual schedules because of their sleep habits, their family’s needs, or their recreational habits; but not everyone can be successful working odd or irregular hours.

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Time and Labor Management Strategies for the Modern Workforce

Time and Labor Management Strategies

Today’s organizations are operating in a period of rapid technological innovation. Many technologies that were considered groundbreaking only five or 10 years ago are now outdated, or in some cases, obsolete. For example, as technologies converge and become faster and more intelligent with each update, consumers no longer need a separate phone, calendar, GPS, and camera. 

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6 Steps you MUST Take When Using Biometric Time Clocks

Biometric Time Clocks

In the world of time clocks, biometrics refers to the measurement of people’s physical characteristics and use of that information to track when they come and go from work. For instance, an employer could install a finger or hand scanner in lieu of a punch card or pen-and-paper tracking system.

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Time Tracking


Enforcing Breaks in Hectic Work Environments

Enforcing Breaks

Restaurants, coffee shops, hair salons, call centers, and customer focused offices often have “just enough” staffing on hand at any given time. Limited staffing presents a challenge to to enforcing breaks or meal periods for employees.  An employee who leaves the work area, even for a small amount of time often causes stress and increased workloads on colleagues. This factor, though understandable, does not release an employer from providing mandatory rest periods and breaks to its employees.

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Tending to Employee Attendance Problems

Employee Attendance Problems

Employee attendance problems - not a situation a manager wants to face, but a situation a manager can handle quickly and successfully. Many employers immediately turn to disciplinary or discharge measures for employees with attendance problems. While often a valid response, employers also need to realize the ramifications of certain employment laws. 

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Time and Labor



5 Steps for Reducing Time Theft - Part One

Time Fraud

It’s not always intentional, it’s hard to detect, and it requires diligence and oversight to eliminate, but time theft is among the largest hidden costs to any business. By definition, it happens any time employees misrepresent the actual amount of time they’ve worked and been paid for, intentionally or otherwise. Either way, detecting and reducing time theft usually requires an automated workforce solution. 

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5 Steps for Reducing Time Theft - Part Two

Time Fraud

Time and attendance tracking has traditionally been a labor-intensive, manual process. Because it’s dependent on manually transcribing information from one system to another and often has weak controls, this method leaves companies vulnerable to time fraud. Automation can make a huge difference. 

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