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Workforce Solutions
Do you have a strategic plan for managing your workforce? Maybe you should. In today's ultra-competitive business environment, the organizations with the best solutions and strategies in place are always going to be a step ahead. Companies need an integrated set of processes and workforce solutions to optimize employee productivity on individual, departmental and organizational levels. 

This digest will give you insights into how successful companies put the right people, in the right places at the right times -- all doing the right things. Align your team with your corporate goals, manage an increasingly diverse workforce, and drive positive employee results with the articles in the latest edition of our Workforce Solutions Digest.


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Workforce Solutions for Managing Multiple Generations

Managing Multiple Generations

We are currently at an interesting point in history, one where five generations of employees are working side by side. With people living and working longer, companies are being challenged to manage the different needs and expectations of this complex and diverse employee mix. Savvy organizations will look for workforce solutions that allow them to manage the strengths, weaknesses, needs, and personalities of all employees, no matter which generation they are a part of, to elicit the best performance and results. 

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Characteristics of Millennials in the Workforce

Millennials in the Workforce

Millennials are now the largest segment of workers in the United States, and in a few years, they’ll make up nearly half of the workforce. Now is the time to learn about this young, diverse demographic and find effective ways to motivate them.

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What Can We Do During the Busy Season to Reduce Employee Stress?

Reduce Employee Stress

Busy seasons are good for business. But the stress and pressure that comes with a busy season can take a heavy toll on your workforce. Here are a few easy workforce solutions to make the busy season run as smoothly and stress-free as possible: 

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HR and Payroll


Flexible Work Solutions: Telecommuting and Flex Time, Part One


Balancing employees' work and personal responsibilities has grown increasingly important in today’s business environment.  Employers thus have grown more aware of the many benefits in offering flexible working conditions for their employees.

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Flexible Work Solutions: Telecommuting and Flex Time, Part Two

Flex Time

Trust plays a big part for employees to gain a high degree of flexibility and control in their work.  Unfortunately, lack of clear understanding on objectives and results is the most common mistake a company experiences in this area.  So, look to build strong relations and understandings (and try not to stress out about what your employee is doing each and every single moment).  

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