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Workplace Culture

Workplace Culture
Your company culture is your company's character and disposition. It's what makes your organization authentic, unique and meaningful to employees, clients, partners and prospects. It includes your values, goals and ethics. Your culture should be a reflection of your mission. 

Your organizational culture also defines the way your employees will treat customers, as well as other employees. It defines workplace interactions and influences the ways your workers look, act and behave when they are at work. Are you starting to get the feeling culture is important? Good, because it is. But never fear! We've compiled for you a valuable collection of resources you can use to define and improve your company culture.


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Workplace Culture

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Workplace Bullying Laws and Workplace Culture

Workplace Bullying Laws

Although workplace bullying may be a new concern for some employers, others are all too familiar with its perils. Before we discuss facts of bullying, let’s look at its role in the workplace today. While bullying is not only a company culture issue, it is also a major liability concern for employers. 

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Recruiting and Hiring for Your Culture

Hiring for your Culture

Ever hire that remarkably experienced, impressively skilled employee who just doesn’t fit in with your company culture? It happens. You assumed the new hire shared your values and would adjust well to your workplace, but for one reason or another, the employee blends in no better than a hammock in a conference hall.

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Creating a Sense of Community in the Workplace

Community in the Workplace

Whether or not you’re attempting to build a sense of community in the workplace, your office is a social place and it will, despite any designs to the contrary, function like one. How so? When you staffed your organization, you had a division of labor in mind, but you didn’t hire roles and responsibilities. 

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HR and Payroll


Terminating an Employee Who is a Bad Fit for Your Culture

Employee who is a Bad Fit for Your Culture

You are considering terminating an employee who doesn't fit with our culture. Can you do this? Do you foresee any issues? If an at-will employment relationship exists, you may terminate the employee for not fitting in with your culture, but there are certainly some things to consider beforehand.

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4 Ways to Improve Workplace Culture With HCM

Improve Workplace Culture

Employees’ daily experience of their workplace directly contributes to whether they are engaged and willing to put in that voluntary discretionary effort. If they feel they are being valued and treated fairly in the workplace, they are more likely to give employers that extra effort. This requires more than incentives or HR initiatives. Here are four ways to improve workplace culture using HCM technologies and processes.

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People Helping People - A Simple, Yet Powerful Concept

People Helping People

"People Helping People" - a phrase we at TruPay and TruPay Benefit Services endeavor to live by on a daily basis. Thirty-six years ago, a wise man (my father) told me to stop worrying about commissions and start helping people "insure" their goals and dreams. He said, "Everything else will fall into place and you, in turn, will always be compensated and have your needs met." 

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